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Success case:

Smart Drive Through

with the aim of improving

the user experience

The challenge:

Xenial, a Global Payments company, is a company dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions to restaurants, fostering the automation of processes with the aim of improving the user experience and increasing sales.


The aim is to automate the order reception of a fast food restaurant. Customers order from the car using a mobile app. In this first iteration we are developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) focused on understanding what customers say, identifying the products they order and quantities, as well as providing an interactive dashboard to analyse the performance of the system.

Services performed:

  • Speech To Text models
  • VOSK
  • NLP models
  • Dashboard
  • React
  • TypeScript

Results provided:

The impact of the final solution will generate efficiencies for Xenial’s end customers. At this stage, the developed MVP has been welcomed, and we are developing a phase II of the project.