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BaseTIS is a team of people in the Information Technologies area. Our core values are: initiative, team work, commitment and goals orientation.


We provide all types of services related to data to extract all their value: data capturing, data treatment, data exploitation and data analysis.

Audit and data quality.
Extraction, transformation and loading.
Optimization of batch chains of data handling.
Diagnosis of master data management and adoption roadmap.
Data governance program.
Data migration accelerators.
Tool for identifying the critical path for the execution of batch chains.
Data generators.
Data connectors (social networks, data providers…).
Unified view of the customer / citizen.
Data governance solutions for normative compliance.

We provide application implementation services and software solutions in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.

Development of websites, CMS...
Development of APIs and middlewares.
Development of custom-made corporate applications.
Analysis and optimization of code in projects of great magnitude.
Maintenance and support.
Definition, implementation and maintenance of system architecture.
Personalized business data management tools.
Automatic source code generators to accelerate application development.

We develop mobile applications for almost all platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. We use native (Java, ObjectiveC, Swift) or hybrid (HTML5 + JS + CSS) technologies, according to the needs of the project.

Development of native Android applications, iOS and Windows Phone.
Development of hybrid and cross-platform applications with Phonegap, Unity and Adobe Air.
Push notification services.
Implementation of mobile solutions in companies.
360º service: Analysis, development, distribution, publishing, promotion, maintenance and support to the end user.

The passion we feel for graphic design together with a multidisciplinary team allows us to carry out all kind of projects related to design, both online and offline.

Web design.
Mobile / responsive design.
Editorial design.
Corporate identity.
Packaging and product.
Motion Graphics.
Video and audio editing.
Design solutions implementation to companies.
360º service: Analysis, development, maintenance and support to the end user.

We offer Professional Services rendered by highly qualified people for an easy incorporation into Customer along with an agile and adaptive project management.

Management services: 
IT government.
Design and execution of Project Management Offices (PMO).
Professional services of project managers.
Business services: 
Definition of CRM strategy.
Design and implementation of CRM.
Definition of Business Intelligence strategy.
Definition and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions.
Professional services of functional analysts.
ERP implementation.
Professional services of data analysts.


We are passionate about the information technologies and therefore we learn by working with internal projects. This helps us be up-to-date with the cutting-edge technology needs of our clients.

Sport2Live Trainers


Sport2Live is a non-profit organization that, through sports, helps people with problems of addictions or mental illness. The Sport2Live Trainers application makes the task of the coaches of this organization more efficient, since it allows to improve the assistance of its users and facilitates the online information of the therapeutic stuff.

Tinbergen Norm

Jan Tinbergen's claim to fame was the theory of "Tinbergen Norm" which explores the fact that if in a company the difference between the lowest and highest income exceeds a rate of 1:5 then the company will incur a loss. We believe that the huge economic differences in today's society are negative.

Commercial Bonus

BaseTIS do not have a sales team, because we all are salesmen. We believe that in IT services the best salesman is the one who knows the service. That's why we evaluate the new clients openings and set a percentage of the selling price, increased based on the volume of the generated business.

RRHH Bonus

We believe that BaseTIS needs a sostainable and organic growth, and therefore our new employees have "good references". With this bonus we try to reward the people who bring talent to BaseTIS.

Social commitment

In BaseTIS we believe that, as members of the society, we should have a social and ethical responsibility in all the areas we take part. We seek the walfare and health of people, as well as the respect and care of the environment.

Some initiatives we carry out and think that go in that direction are:

  • Having water, coffee and fresh fruit in BaseTIS' office, seeking the walfare and health of our team.
  • Facilitating telecommuting in order to allow a better balance between family life and work, as well as to avoid innecessary journeys and contribute to the improvement of the environment.
  • Contribute to real economy projects, in social, cultural and environmental sectors collaborating with the ethical bank entity Triodos Bank.
  • We value and appreciate the work of the social entities and have decided to collaborate, making donations of capital as well as joint projects providing our technical knowledge. The last contribution is an APP for Arrels Foundation that allows to assist the work of the organization.

We are organised in a fractal way which helps us offer a higher flexibility. This model encourages the initiative and gives more space for the creation of new ideas or new ways of doing things, as well as a chance for all members of the organisation to share the knowledge and leadership.

Flexible salary

In BaseTIS we believe that each person is different and for this reason we have flexible payment and each employee can choose the percentage to be deducted for medical insurance, food vouchers, nursery vouchers, supplies, etc.