We generate a secure environment to minimize the risks and potential vulnerabilities of your organization.

Penetration test

Through ethical hacking, we scan the system for vulnerabilities, weaknesses or avenues of attack. We assess your organization’s current security level, including industry 4.0 networks and mobile applications.

Vulnerability Analysis

We audit in depth all the security of the technological park of the organization, from web or mobile applications, perimeter security, source codes to wireless networks, taking into consideration any element of the park that may be subject to attack.

Reverse engineering malware

We disassemble the software program that might come through the network, see how it affects the system. Once we know how it works, we generate the mechanisms to contain the risks and prevent the spread.

Social engineering

We provide an analysis at all levels of the organization about the vulnerabilities of employees, partners or collaborators that could be subject of deception or psychological manipulation for the extraction of confidential information, money or privileges.

Annual security plan

We created the reference guide to ensure that the network structure is always updated and protected from malicious intents that seek to take over information, privileges or other interests.

Training and awareness

We train people in the organization with basic notions of cybersecurity. This way, we set up a firewall against threats that could put any company at risk.

ISO 27001 and 22301 Consulting

We advise organizations to move forward on the road to excellence and achieve ISO 27001, as it is aligned with the needs of the Business Content Plan required by ISO 22301.

Incident Response

Attentiveness, discretion, trust and efficacy. Four nouns that we apply when solving any security incident or threat that appears in your organization.

R&D Cybersecurity

We establish partnerships with universities and research centres to lead innovative and in-depth cybersecurity projects. It is important to keep abreast of the new threats that are emerging.

Disaster recovery

We plan a backup, a recovery and a contingency strategy for the organization’s most critical and sensitive systems. This way we accelerate resilience after a serious incident. Besides, we analyse any scenario to minimize system failure, both on local servers and in the cloud.


We establish a Security Operations Center that through 24/7 monitoring detects any sign of attack on the company, from anywhere and at any time. We elaborate an analysis and a study of the attack’s patterns to detect its weak spots.

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