Data Integration & Analytics

Data Integration & Analytics

We manage databases of any size and complexity. We migrate, transform, analyse and visualise them to extract all of their value and utility.

Auditing and data quality

We preventively and proactively assess the quality of the data, together with functional analyses and the client’s personalized rules, and produce custom reports on the critical and weak points of the client’s current data.

Data monitoring

We monitor large volumes of non-real time network traffic data (telephone, WAN, radio, etc.). We offer tailored models adapted to any need that may be used to integrate them with the client’s other services or systems.

Data governance

We make inventories of master data and establish good practices in information flows to ensure information quality and certainty.


We design and implement scorecards tailored to any system and offer a report issuing system adapted to the client’s needs.

Data migration

We analyse source systems to carry out data migration to other target systems. We apply functional and coherence rules to guarantee the migration’s success and produce reports in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Collaborative fraud analysis

We create graph-based models that visually determine environments in which there may be collaborative fraud, which we can implement with third-party systems, specialising in insurance.

Credit risk management

We analyse and implement algorithmic models that determine bank scoring, specialising in consumer loans. Our multidisciplinary team orients the models towards high mathematical and statistical efficiency and development quality.

Data pipelines

We design and develop processes to control the data transformations involved in the workflows of the different phases to take advantage of information.

Data lakes & data warehouses

We offer different solutions for the best use of the data according to the needs defined by the client. We design and implement the optimal architecture in the cloud as well as on-premise.

Data modeling

Each business has its particularities and therefore it is essential to model the data in a custom-made way. This maximizes the performance and guarantees data quality during their life cycle. In this way, we analyse in detail the key aspects of our clients business’ and design the model that best suits their needs.

Success cases

Mass conversion of data from the Zeus GNF application

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