We are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and so create and implement apps for all kinds of devices.


We advise on analysis, design and implementation of architecture.

Portal solutions

We provide content manager implementation and consulting services. We are specialists in Open Source CMSs and offer solutions for any scale, including multi-sites.

Code accelerators

We develop customised tools that generate code automatically and cut app creation time, adapted to the client’s technology.

API and middleware

We offer an API solution implementation and consulting service. These solutions make it possible to add a layer of security, while creating a stable environment for communication between internal and external systems, both a company’s own systems and those of third parties.


We develop the front-end layers of web apps on various JS frameworks in the market and have outstanding experience in ReactJS and AngularJs.


We custom-develop the back-end layers of APIs and applications on various frameworks and technologies: J2EE, .NET, PHP, NodeJS and Python.


We custom design the layout of UX interfaces based on accessibility criteria and perform optimisations aimed at improving SEO and cutting loading times.


We develop specific project-adapted strategies to optimise website positioning on search engines.

Tailored projects

We gather requirements and develop tailored projects. We adapt to the client’s technologies and offer the possibility of maintaining the creative development and integrating it with our Service Desk or the client’s own.

Internet of things

We create tailor-made projects from our own interfaces and electronics to adapt them to the client needs. A totally end to end development.

Efficiency solutions

We automate report generation, spreadsheet creation, bots for recurring tasks of little added value or to cover expensive tasks if performed manually. Reducing the dedication to manual tasks allows our customers to achieve great efficiency and substantial savings in personnel costs.

Application maintenance

We perform all types of maintenance at any scale thanks to a team of specialized people: evolutionary, corrective, perfective, preventive, user support and reporting. We use agile methodologies, with a focus on continuous improvement.

Success cases

Development of an ERP-CRM for the Intecno Group using Generetis©

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