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  • Interactive design
  • Gamification
  • Environment Design
  • Brainstorming
  • Narrative Design

We can take charge of the entire interactive design process, starting by generating ideas using techniques such as brainstorming, adapting to the sector (education, culture, retail…). With an approach based on the world of video games, we design levels and by applying gamification techniques we make the experiences more attractive for the end user; including narrative design, giving coherence to form and content.


  • Concept art
  • Art direction
  • 2D art and animation
  • 3D art and animation
  • UX/UI

We take on the art direction of a project, looking for the style that best suits each case. We start by creating the concept art, illustrations that will be used as the basis for the graphic development of the project. Furthermore, we can approach this development using 3D or 2D art, being able to animate the final result and in this way fill the projects with life, always thinking that the user experience and the user interface are as comfortable and attractive as possible.


  • Code
  • AI
  • VR&AR
  • Game Publication
  • QA

On a technological level, we use different programming languages that adapt to the project, thus generating the most optimized code possible. Techniques such as artificial intelligence allow us to simulate realistic behaviors within the experience, and virtual reality and augmented reality make the creation of more immersive worlds easily accessible to the end user. In order for the project to meet the expected quality, we carry out quality control sessions. Our experience in publishing allows us to find the most suitable Marketplace in each case.


  • Project management
  • Digital marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Game Direction

Years of experience in the technological world mean that we can take charge of project management, offering a global vision of the direction. Data analysis allows us to check results to make improvements in the development; while digital marketing gives the best visibility to the project developed to position it in the market.

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Success cases

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Success cases

Weevents, platform for immersive virtual events

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