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Case Study

Development of an ERP-CRM

using Generetis©

The challenge

Intecno Group is a company that commercializes hotel and catering supplies and services through its national network of associated companies.

There was a need to implement a tailor-made ERP-CRM tool to cover the associated management needs at a lower price than the existing ones in the market.

The solution

Basetis has proposed a solution based on the use of Generetis©, a self-developed system for the automatic generation of applications which, on the basis of an existing database, automatically generates a fully functional application that allows the management of all the customer’s data and their relationships.

This has allowed us to cover all the client’s management needs with a considerable cost reduction, in such a way that all the client’s requirements have been developed by adding them to an application that the client has been able to see in operation from day one, also allowing a total alignment between the client’s expectations and the final result.

Results and products

The result has been EOLO, a complete ERP-CRM that allows the integral management of the product catalogue, purchases, suppliers, warehouses, customers, contracts, budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices, as well as the post-office management and the technical assistance service.

For the technical assistance service, a mobile application has also been developed so that the technicians of the associated companies can manage the end customer directly from home with a tablet and a portable printer.

  • Product management
  • Order management
  • Process simplification

25 people involved in the project.

More than 50 companies associated with the Intecno Group.

Most innovative

It is the first project for Basetis in which the product is not detached from the automatic code generator and new versions can be generated automatically.

Most valued

The proximity and the full disposition shown by the team.

The effort and the desire to meet to the fullest the customer’s needs and expectations.

Technologies used

  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Java (Spring and Hibernate)
  • PostgreSQL
  • React Native

Services performed

Development (Code streamlining, Front-end, Back-end and custom projects).