Quality policy

This is the declaration by Basetis’s Global Department to all the organisation’s interest groups, both internal and external, in which we express our commitment to developing Basetis’s mission in the manner most beneficial for everyone.

This policy is periodically reviewed to adapt it to the organisation’s changing situation. It serves as a reference point for everyone’s intentions and actions.


We are a group of IT services industry professionals who work under the name Basetis. Since 2009, we have offered our services to a wide range of clients.

Trust is the fundamental value on which our interpersonal relationships, and therefore our company, are based. We want to build the utmost trust with everyone involved in our services: people we train, clients, our clients’ suppliers, our suppliers, those around us, society, etc.

The basis on which we want to build trust is as follows:

Among people who work for Basetis

    • Self-management, i.e. decision-making, must be as close as possible to the environment it affects. In order to make decisions, it is necessary to have as much information as possible (by obtaining it from people with greater knowledge, if necessary) and hear the opinion of the people who the decision will impact on. We believe that based on these foundations, we can take decisions.
    • Fulfilment, i.e. we must create an environment in which we can show ourselves just as we are, while improving in every aspect, both personal and professional.
  • Transparency, i.e. allowing as much company information as possible to be available to all the people we train.

With our clients

    • Closeness, i.e. being as close to them as possible.
    • Transparency, i.e. basing our communications with the client on honesty and clarity.
  • Quality, i.e. adapting ourselves in the best possible way to the requirements of the services requested of us.

With those around us and society in general

  • The common good, i.e. working to strengthen human dignity, solidarity, environmental sustainability, social justice, democratic participation and transparency. Fostering cooperation at a higher level than our competition and seeking what is good for people above the desire for profit, which is the transformation our society needs.

These are our basic values, which we want to be communicated, assessed and improved continuously and innovatively by all the people who share them.