Social commitment

We believe that as members of society, we must have a social and ethical responsibility in all areas in which we intervene.

Actions that add up

Our desire for social transformation leads us to get involved in causes

that ensure the rights, well-being and health of people,

especially the most disadvantaged, as well as respect and care for the environment.

How we get involved

Our mission and values ​​are aligned with the principles of the economy of the common good as well as the Sustainable Development Goals set by UNESCO, such as responsibility, transparency, trust, equity, solidarity or respect for human rights.

Social projects

We value the vital mission of third sector entities. We collaborate with them through donations, sponsorships and pro bono services with which we contribute our technological knowledge to initiatives to improve society.

The environment

In 2017, we signed the Citizen Commitment for Sustainable Development, promoted by the Barcelona City Council. Within this framework, we undertake actions that year after year allow us to work in a more responsible and respectful way with the environment.


We give preference to local entities, local businesses, cooperatives and associations with values ​​similar to those of our business culture for the supply of our offices.


It is urgent to ensure that any person regardless of their gender, origin or sexual identity has equal rights and opportunities. We actively work to advance towards the goal of equality within the company, the technology sector and society in general.

Social Experiences

We develop free projects for third sector entities. We group them within our Experiences, since they are very enriching initiatives for us, both for the knowledge they generate and for their social return.


In 2015, we signed a Framework Agreement with the Catalan Commission for Refugee Assistance (CCAR) to receive applications from refugees to work in Basetis. Since then, and thanks to this collaboration, several people have joined our team.

Causes that move us

We understand that Basetis’ social commitment must be an extension of that of each of the people who make up our company. For this reason, we join their cause and multiply the donations, collaborations or sponsorships that the people of the organization make in a personal capacity.

The initiative of the people of Basetis pushes us to create technology, subsidize projects and make donations for the following entities and actions:

Accompanying the Elderly

Donation in 2023 to this volunteer project of the Coordinadora de Entitats del Poble-sec, which since 2006 has been working to improve the quality of life of elderly people in the neighbourhood (mainly women over 80 years of age) by reducing the feeling of unwanted loneliness through various actions.

Project website

Sea watchers

Donation in 2023 to this benchmark CSIC marine citizen science platform. It mobilises its community for marine research and conservation. It promotes collaboration between different agents in society to share knowledge that serves as a basis for proposing solutions to the impacts on the health of our oceans.

Platform website

Xarxa de Dones Cosidores

Donation in 2023 to these groups of women seamstresses in the city to generate a community economy project. There are 23 women who had been excluded from the world of work for various reasons, from illness to language barriers, and this project has helped them to learn, empower themselves, socialise and earn a wage.

Entity's website

Emergency Committee

Donation in 2023 after the earthquakes in Morocco, Turkey and Syria to help the victims of this catastrophe. Organisations such as the Emergency Committee have been set up to offer as much help as possible to these victims. This committee is the result of the union of 6 NGOs.

Initiative website

Albert Sidrach Association

Donation in 2022 for this association for the research of Ewing’s Sarcoma (childhood cancer), considered a minority disease. An association created by family and friends of Albert Sidrach, a young man who left us while he was fighting against this disease.

Website of the association

L'Aurora Support Group

Donation in 2022 to this non-profit association that helps Mediterranean rescue ships when they are stopped for repairs in the port of Burriana.

Website of the association

Arxivers sense fronteres

Donation in 2022 by this non-profit non-governmental organisation formed by volunteer archivists who collaborate to promote and cooperate in the preservation of documentary collections that are in danger of disappearing, guaranteeing their correct treatment and making them available to society.

Website of the organisation

Health Warriors

Donation in 2022 for this project that was born in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic to support the health workers of the hospitals in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona that were completely collapsed.

Project website

Sant Pau Social Gym

Donation in 2022 for this social project in the form of a gym or a gym that has become a social project. 1400 m² dedicated to sport and social transformation in the centre of Barcelona.

Gym website

No Name Kitchen

Donation to the organisation No Name Kitchen, which provides medical assistance, clothing and food distributions, legal support and denounces abuses in border areas, where thousands of human beings continue to suffer aggressions, diseases and lack of basic services during their migratory processes.

Website of the organisation

Càritas Sant Josep Badalona

Donation to Càritas Sant Josep Badalona, a project based on the accompaniment and support of vulnerable families who ask Càritas for help.

Website of the organisation

Cursa Bassiero

Sponsorship of the 58th Cursa Bassiero, one of the few races still held in our territory with a large format alpine style, in a single day, with an evident competitive spirit combined with a popular and participative scope.

Website of the organisation

Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran

Donation to help the Amics de la Gent Gran Foundation, which fights against the unwanted loneliness and social isolation to which millions of elderly people are exposed.

Website of the organisation

Empower Hack Fem

Sponsorship of EmpowerHack Fem, an event with the purpose of empowering women to take part in leadership roles in the world of technology.

Website of the organisation

Fundació Esclerosis Múltiple (FEM)

Donation to the Fundació Esclerosis Múltiple (FEM) which aims to stop the impact of multiple sclerosis on the daily lives of people and their environment.

Website of the organisation

Creu Roja

Several donations in the years 2021 and 2022 for the Creu Roja organisation to help people affected by the fire on La Palma, by the war in Ukraine and refugees in general.

Website of the organisation

Progat Catalunya

Donation in 2021 and 2022 in favour of this association that manages controlled cat colonies, that is, a group of sterilised free cats that live together in a public space and are fed with feed and water.

Website of the association

Nit de la Lluna Plena Sitges

Donation to the solidarity race ‘Nits de la Luna Plena’ where all the profits raised go to the Children’s Cancer Research Laboratory of the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

Website of the project

CB Maresme Boet Mataró 3 Viles

Sponsorship of the Basketball Club Maresme Boet Mataró 3 Viles, granting scholarships for federated boys and girls during the 2020-2021 season.

Website of the club

Club Bàsquet Sant Just

Sponsorship of the senior women’s basketball team with which we share our social values and which will participate in the main Catalan tournament in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons.

Website of the club

Banc dels Aliments

Food collection at La Pedrera and Aticco offices in order to help cover the basic needs of the most vulnerable people and families in society.

Donation campaign in 2020 and 2021 to help people affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Website of the organization


Donation campaign to help children who are exposed to the side effects of the crisis by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Website of the organization
logo petits valents

Els Petits Valents

Purchase of solidarity Christmas stars for this initiative in favour of children’s oncological research as part of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital campaign.

Website of the campaign
Logo de la campaña Soñar Despierto

Se Buscan Reyes Magos

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 we took part in this initiative by Fundación Soñar Despierto to make dreams come true for boys and girls at risk of social exclusion.

Website of the initiative

SOS Galgos

Donation to the NGO SOS Galgos which helps in the recovery of galgos and podencos, dogs that during the hunting season are mistreated and abandoned

Website of the organization

Esclat Social Group

Donation to Esclat Social Group to support children with cerebral paralysis, acquired brain damage or other similar disabilities.

Website of the organization


Donation from the 2019 Christmas lot, part of which was donated to this foundation dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that live in it.

Website of the organization

Riuada Solidària

Sponsorship to financially assist those affected by the Francolí River flood, last October 2019, with the aim of reviving local businesses and rebuilding the affected parts.

Website of the organization

Gaia Sanctuary

Donation to help the Gaia Sanctuary, a vegan rescue and recovery center for farm animals  victims of livestock explotation, abuse or neglect.

Website of the organization

Objectiu Venus

Donation to assist the residents of the Venus urbanisation, located in the neighborhood of La Mina in Sant Adrià de Besós. The main aim is to help the residents to overcome the situation of blockade and abandonment that they are currently suffering.

Website of the project
Logo amics del clínic

Amics del Clínic

Sponsorship to help research against breast cancer in the oncology unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Website of the organization

Marxa dels Termes

Sponsorship in 2019, 2021 and 2022 of this race with a high solidarity component that collaborates with different social entities and takes actions in favour of needy people.

Website of the organization

Indie Dev Day

Sponsorship in the three editions of this free event organized by developers, blogs, associations and fans of the video game sector in order to formalize and strengthen the community. Participation in the first one carried out virtually.


Médicos Sin Fronteras

Donation for assistance to people threatened by armed conflict, violence, epidemics, neglected diseases, natural disasters and exclusion from medical care.

Website of the organization

Rural Trail

Sponsorship in the three editions of this mountain race held in Bigues i Riells, where the philosophy of the event regards the  respect for nature and health promotion, and bets for leisure and fun.

Logo d'Arrels Fundació de Barcelona a Basetis

Arrels Fundació

Several donations in 2019 and 2021 to help the entity to help`the homeless people to find a solution for their situation and recover their autonomy.

Website of the organization

CYD Santa María

Help to give a better life to the animals housed in the CYD Santa Maria Association and Shelter of Horses, in Coín (Málaga).

Website of the project

Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació

Donation to help this entity that gives support to people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and their families.

Website of the project

La Marató de TV3

Contribution in 2018 and 2021 to the Fundació La Marató de TV3 – CCMA to raise funds for research, in this case into cancer and mental health respectively.

Website of the project

La Vida de les Joguines

Donation to the Espai Ambiental Cooperativa as part of its initiative to promote responsible and sustainable toy consumption.

Website of the project
logo edfon


Donation to the Nepal Ratna School, financed by EDFON, for the educational inclusion of children in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Kathmandu.

Website of the organization

El Lloc de la Dona

Donation derived from the Christmas lot of 2018, of which a part was destined to this support initiative to women in prostitution contexts.

Website of the organization
logo Hélia Dones

Hèlia Dones

Donation derived from the Christmas lot of 2018, of which a part was destined to this association which support women victims of gender violence.

Website of the organization
Logo de la Factoria F5

Factoría F5

Donation to this inclusive digital school, a charity that promotes the ICT sector and provides opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion.

Website of the organization
Logo Fundació Mona

Fundación MONA

Donation to this foundation’s primate recovery centre following severe flooding of its facilities in Riudellots de la Selva.

Website of the foundation
Logo Entitat 48h Open House Barcelona

48h Open House Barcelona

Collaboration to improve the coordination of volunteers at this architecture festival in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Website of the festival
Logo enitat Des de la Mina

Desde la Mina

Makeover of the website for this project for the revitalisation and promotion of community life in the neighbourhood of La Mina.

Website of the project
Logo de la Factoria F5

Factoría F5

Two people were brought into the Basetis team who were trained at this inclusive, charity school, after being interviewed through the speed dating format.

Website of the organization
Logo de la campanya Magic Line de l'Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Magic Line SJD

Since 2016 we have organized action to raise funds for this charity movement for vulnerable people and in 2018 we developed their mobile app.

Website of the initiative
Logo de l'ONG Petits Detalls

Petits detalls

Donations in 2018 and 2021 to this organization that works to promote humanitarian and international aid in Uganda.

Website of the organization
Logo Open Arms Foundation

Proactiva Open Arms

Donation to this NGO, whose mission is to rescue refugees fleeing to Europe from war, poverty and famine.

Website of the organization
Logo de #ParaLosValientes

Para los Valientes

Donation to this campaign in Sant Joan de Déu to create one of the largest children’s oncology centers in Europe.

Website of the initiative
Logo d'Aida Books & More

Aida Books

Donations of second-hand books to this charity bookshop, which funds projects for Fundación IDA (aid, exchange and development).

Website of the initiative
Logo de l'Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Selling bookmarks on St. George’s Day to raise funds for children’s cancer research.

Website of the organization
Logo de l'hospital la Val d'Herbrón

Amb Tu com a Casa

We were partners of this campaign to create an Advanced Neonatal Centre at Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus.

Website of the initiative
Logo de la unitat de la Vall d'Hebrón Institute of Oncology


Donation to breast cancer research through the event El Paseíco de la Mama, held in Zaragoza. Part of the staff Christmas gift budget for 2017 was given to this cause.

Website of the institute
Logo d'Arrels Fundació de Barcelona

Arrels Fundació

Creation of the Arrels Fundació apps to make donations to the foundation and Arrels Localizador, a public collaboration platform to help homeless people.

Website of the foundation
Logo d'Sport2Live

Sport 2 Live

A mobile app and web portal for trainers from this organization, which helps people with addiction problems or mental illness through sport.

Website of the organization
Logo de Dónalo


Giving away laptops and computer equipment for reuse as part of the campaign run by CTecno, La Nau and Dónalo within the framework of European Waste Prevention Week.

Website of the organization
Logo de SPAM

SPAM Mataró

Donation to help the Mataró Animal Protection Society to improve its facilities for homeless animals.

Website of the organization
Logo de UNHCR


Donations in 2017 and 2022 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to protect and help refugees and stateless people all around the world.

Website of the organization


Basetis is a hub for the collection, refurbishment and donation of computers to schools that need them all around the world through this network, whose aim is to reduce the digital gap.

Website of the network
Logo d'Oxfam Intermón

Oxfam Intermón

Donation for the Trailwalker fundraising endurance event for aid projects, humanitarian action, fair trade and awareness-raising in 50 countries.

Website of the organization
Logo de l'ONG SOS Himalaya

SOS Himalaya

Donation to the campaign run by Fundación Iñaki Ochoa de Olza to rebuild 116 houses in Nepal that were destroyed by an earthquake in April 2015.

Website of the initiative

Fundació Daina

Donation to the Daina Foundation, an organisation that fights for animals to live with dignity and respect and works for a fairer and more honest future for animals and nature.

Website of the organisation
Logo de l'AE Teià

Agrupació Esportiva Teià

Funding and creation of the web portal for this sporting organisation. We also sponsor the shirts of the under-13s basketball team.

Facebook page of the organization