Wellness Habits

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Wellness Habits

An app to acquire healthy habits at home or in the office through weekly challenges and a stimulating gamification system.

The problem

The current lifestyle is responsible for health complications in a high percentage of people: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress… To these factors are now added the risks derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, confinement and the greatest bet of many companies for teleworking. In such a scenario, acquiring healthy habits is more necessary than ever. In this sense, awareness to take care of yourself increases, but it is often difficult to decide to take the leap.

The solution

The Wellness Habits app, developed in Basetis for Android and iOS devices, helps to improve personal habits through play and a series of weekly challenges. The tool is geared towards organizations and can be customized based on your needs and goals. Gamification, group spirit and fluid communication are the keys to moving along with other people on the path to well-being through new habits of food, exercise, rest and emotions.

How does it work

In the first phase, we customize the app according to the needs of the organization: duration of the challenge, habits, activities, branding … Through communication with potential participants, the challenge and its benefits are explained. To participate, you just have to download the app, adopt the habits of each week, evaluate them daily and get points for a good job. Through rankings and reports, you can track the results and assess the next steps. At the end of the challenge, some people are in first position, but everyone wins in health and well-being.

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