About us

We are a team of people with a strong desire to transform society, who work in the field of IT and consulting. Get to know us!

Our mission

We think about people, develop trust, commit ourselves to providing the best services and contribute to improving society.

This is our reason for being and we do it with the focus on people, their well-being and their dignity. BaseTIS is making progress towards our aim of providing tech and consulting services in a way that allows us to meet our clients’ needs while ensuring good conditions for those who work for us and promoting social improvement.

Our values

Trust is the fundamental value on which our interpersonal relationships, and therefore our company, are based.

We want to build the utmost trust with everyone involved in our services:

Within Basetis

We base our work on the principles of self-management, personal fulfilment and a desire to develop to become a Teal organisational model. In order to do this, we work transparently and make all information available to the people who work at Basetis.

  • Self-management
  • Personal fulfilment
  • A desire to develop
  • Transparency

With our clients

The principles behind our relationship with our customers are closeness, open communication based on honesty and clarity, and the quality of our services, which we adapt in the best way possible to their requirements.

  • Closeness
  • Transparency
  • Quality


With society

We align ourselves with the principles of the common good. We work to strengthen them and foster cooperation at a higher level than our competition and seek what is good for people above the desire for profit. This is the change our society needs and is what we are committed to.

  • Human dignity
  • Solidarity and social justice
  • Sustainability and transparency
  • Democratic participation
  • Cooperation

What are we like?

We look after the well-being of those who work with us. We make it easy for everyone to develop their own professional career and reconcile it with their personal life.

Well-being in our offices

We have rest and leisure areas in our offices and allow people at Basetis to use our facilities to organise training, cultural and leisure activities.

Work-life balance

We enable teleworking to promote a balance between family and work life, as well as to avoid travel and contribute to improving the environment.

Training and careers

We encourage people to select the training they need, as our career model is based on the freedom to establish one’s own path and objectives. BaseTIS promotes training and covers 50% of the cost.


We promote the initiatives that arise from the enthusiasm and creativity of the people in our team to turn their ideas into projects. Our Experiences are proof of this.

Referral-based hiring

Our model for bringing in new talent is based on referrals to guarantee the competence of the professionals who work for us.


We have a bonus system for actions that contribute to improving the company, such as sales, involvement in billable projects, savings and bringing new people into our team.

Tinbergen Rule

We believe that economic inequality is negative and prevents people’s social integration. So we have adopted the rule of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Jan Tinbergen, that the ratio between the lowest and highest salaries should never be more than 1:5.

Flexible pay

We are committed to flexible pay, allowing each person to select the percentage of their salary they want to receive as benefits such as medical insurance, parking, lunch vouchers, childcare and transport.

Quality Management

Aspects such as a structured organization, documented and involving all the people in the company, as well as an excellent working environment, have allowed us to certify our management system in accordance with the quality standards dictated by ISO 9001:2015.

Our history


The team now numbers more than 200 people. This year, Basetis is awarded the Pyme Innovadora [Innovative SME] seal by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness and is in the Financial Times ranking of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies.


Second stage of opening the office in La Pedrera. The new site allows the entire team to be divided between this office and the Sant Cugat office and the closure of the headquarters in the Mapfre building. This year, Basetis signs the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability and rises to 9th in the Best Workplaces ranking.


The lease agreement for the Casa Milà, La Pedrera building is signed. The same year, a collaboration agreement is signed with CCAR, the change towards a Teal organisational model begins and the company comes 11th in the Best Workplaces ranking of companies with 100 to 250 employees.


Basetis’s team numbers more than 100 people and the Sant Cugat office is opened in December. The team’s rapid growth leads to a shake-up of Bastis’s internal organisation.


In March, Basetis opens the first office of its own in the Mapfre building in Barcelona for people in the conversion team and to provide other new services to allow diversification into areas such as Java, Web, Mobile and Design.


Basetis hires its first employee. That same year, the company’s staff begins to grow and the data conversion team is created to provide services in the office of a client in the Mapfre building.


On 6 November, Marc Castells and Víctor Roquet found Base Technology and Information Service, Basetis, a company in the ICT industry that initially provides professional services.

Social commitment

As part of society, we believe we have a social and ethical responsibility in all aspects of our work. We get involved with causes that promote people’s rights, well-being and health, especially the most disadvantaged, and care for the environment.