Express Checkout

Solutions supporting the deconfinement

Express Checkout

A platform that makes it easier for bars and restaurants to sell their products in an agile, safe way and without the need to enter their space.

The problem

Reducing the concurrence of people in closed spaces is one of the security measures most present in this confinement. From here, the need arises to optimize the usual development of business activity to minimize the impact of these measures.

The solution

To avoid unnecessary rapprochement between people and comply with the established social distancing measures, from Basetis we propose the implementation of a new delivery system to customers from shops, without having to access the premises to pick up their order.

How it works

By creating an online platform, advertising and adequate signaling outside the premises, we built an alternative ordering system based on a personalized user interface, secure payment gateways and a system of receipt alerts and pick up notice by email or SMS.

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