Deconfinement support solutions


Training plans that add value and knowledge to your team to innovate and explore new opportunities.

The problem

Confinement and post-confinement pose a change in the development of daily activity in many organizations, led by a decrease in workloads and the appearance of teleworking. This situation generates a context of uncertainty in people, whose management can become very complicated.

The solution

At each moment, its own opportunities. We like to think that the situation in which we find ourselves is a good opportunity to invest in training. Training plans that increase knowledge, activity and, above all, the normalization of telework. Now is the time to introduce new tools and skills useful for today and tomorrow.

How does it work

  • We generate a personalized online training environment adapted to the needs of the organization.
  • We configure the materials as modules, and offer them via webinar through Zoom or Adobe Connect.
  • We prepare support and consultation materials in PDF format, expanded with links of interest.
  • We evaluate the knowledge acquired through a quiz format of questions and answers.
  • We solve doubts in 24-48h, with the possibility of sharing the answer with the whole group of people.

Looking for a solution?

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