Our communication and whistleblowing channel

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the European Whistleblowing Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act published on 21 February 2023, Basetis makes available to all its stakeholders a communication channel so that employees, customers, or suppliers can report unethical behaviours, situations, or irregularities.


For Basetis, the most important thing is people, so this channel is a basic pillar to promote the values that underpin our corporate culture such as equality, justice, and fairness.

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This is the name of our channel, and it is designed and managed securely to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the informant and any other person mentioned in the communication, and of the actions carried out during the processing of the same, respecting at all times the protection of personal data and preventing access by unauthorized personnel.

The system allows communication totally anonymous. Basetis will not allow in any case that any type of reprisal is adopted against the informants who communicate through this channel the facts that can be normative breaches in accordance with in force law.

How does the channel work?

Access the URL and then click on the “Report a problem” button. Through this initial screen you can check the status of the incident, send and receive messages, and also if you have questions you have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’section.

Step 1

1) You will see a list of examples of situations that you can report, you must choose the one that corresponds.

2) Indicate if you suspect a person.

3) You must accept the terms and conditions of use in order to proceed.

Not listed? Don’t worry! Check the ‘other’ box and specify the topic you wish to report.

Step 2

1) Indicate the link that you have with Basetis.

2) If you want the report to be anonymous check ‘Yes’, otherwise you will have to fill in your name, surname, your email, and your contact phone number.


Everything with a red asterisk is optional.

If you have indicated that you do not want your report to be anonymous, but you decide to change your mind, when you go back it will not let you go forward again if you do not indicate your email address, so you must start again and enter the channel again. (Opss -.-)

Step 3

1) You must indicate to the person/s that

2) If you have already informed someone from Global or your facilitator about what has happened, you should also indicate this.

3) If you are aware that there are witnesses, you should indicate this.

Start writing…!
Then write down what happened and what you want to communicate.

Disclaimer, things to keep in mind…!

The text of your communication should be at least 100 characters long.

Any evidence you have can be attached as additional information, it will help us when handling the complaint.

Step 4

Confirm your report
Once you have reached this point, the system will ask you for a ‘password’.

This is VERY IMPORTANT because it is what allows you to consult your incident together with the complaint code.

Write down your code…!

Without the password generated above and this code, you will not be able to consult your complaint, so don’t forget to write it down!

Protection of personal data

Responsible for the processing:

Base Technology & Information Services SLU (hereinafter BASETIS), with registered office at Casa Milà – La Pedrera, passeig de Gràcia 92, 1º 1ª and CIF B65208183.


The purpose of this complaints channel is for BASETIS to manage the notification of the complaints received, carry out the investigation of the reported facts and adopt the relevant corrective measures.

If the complaint is anonymous, no personal data will be processed. However, in the event that you voluntarily provide personal data that allow your identification, BASETIS will process both the complaint and the data that you may provide for the purposes described above, as well as, additionally and, if applicable, to inform you of the outcome of the procedure.


Personal data will be treated confidentially and will not be communicated to any third party, unless it is essential for the investigation of the reported facts.


The legal basis that legitimises this processing is compliance with the legal obligations applicable to BASETIS.

Data retention period:

The data will be processed for the purposes indicated for the period necessary for their investigation, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force.

Rights of data subjects:

You may at any time exercise, whenever applicable, your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability with respect to the personal data you have provided, by sending a letter to the address indicated, providing sufficient proof of your identity, and identifying yourself as a user of the BASETIS complaints channel form.

If you consider that your right to data protection has been violated, you may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.aepd.es) or with the BASETIS Data Protection Delegate (dpo[a]basetis.com).