We never want to stop learning and improving. So we are involved in internal collaborative projects, known as Experiences, that allow us to expand our knowledge and align ourselves with cutting-edge technologies.

Arrels Locator

Citizen collaboration app that allows users to mark positions on a map of people sleeping on the street, and once their location has been found, the organization’s teams can offer them assistance. This application is also used in Gdańsk, Poland.

Goita Play App

Goita Play App is an Experience that allows you to access the entire catalogue of Goitaquefanara titles to find out which audiovisuals are offered in Catalan on streaming platforms.

Pantallas de la Goita Play App

Digital mapping

Digital tool for the Fira Barcelona field hospital that speeds up the work of healthcare staff and prevents contact between people, thereby reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. This application can be adapted to the needs of each centre.


App Hahatay

Basetis has developed a dynamic and playful app for the promotion of women’s sexual and reproductive health in Gandiol (Senegal).



The Hope&Help app aims to organise the walks of companion animals for people in solitude, in a more agile way. Volunteers can register, view the calendar with the schedules of the walks that have yet to be covered and assign them. The application helps to have greater control of the cases assigned in an orderly, simple and efficient way.


Magic Line 2021

The arrival of the pandemic meant that the Magic Line charity walk had to be completely rethought. Basetis has harnessed the potential of the app by developing new functionalities and tools that have allowed the app to be the central pillar of the edition in 2021, keeping the essence of the MagicLine alive.


Mochi Attack

Mochi Attack is a fast-paced Facebook Instant Game where, by launching creatures or mochis, you have to defeat various enemies. Overcoming obstacles earns coins and gems that can be used to unlock combat upgrades and new mochis.


Sound Anomaly Detection

Sound Anomaly Detection is an algorithm that analyses the sounds produced by machines in a factory and, if an anomaly is detected, the person responsible is alerted before the machine fails and production stops.


Smart Venues

Smart Venues is a tool that allows for optimal seating distribution and allocation under sanitary constraints. In addition, it increases venue capacity (and therefore profit) by an average of 10% compared to other types of suboptimal solutions.