We never want to stop learning and improving. So we are involved in internal collaborative projects, known as Experiences, that allow us to expand our knowledge and align ourselves with cutting-edge technologies.

Sound Anomaly Detection

Sound Anomaly Detection is an algorithm that analyses the sounds produced by machines in a factory and if an anomaly is detected, the person responsible is alerted before the machine fails and production stops.


Arrels Localizador

Arrels Localizador it’s an app of citizen collaboration that allows to send the location and information of homeless people around Catalonia. Thanks to this initiative, Arrels Fundació can focus on the assistance of people who need it and quantify the problem.

Ecolocal Market

Ecolocal Market it’s an app for sale of ecological and proximity products with the aim of helping the consumers being aware of the origin of what they buy and eat. A tool that allows to reduce the environmental impact of our consumption habits by bringing producers and consumers together with almost no intermediaries.

Basetis App

The Basetis corporate app keeps the people on our team connected. It allows the people who work with us to perform management and administrative tasks, receive notifications, consult the profiles of colleagues, award them badges for their good work or access the company’s intranet.

Magic Line SJD

Official application for mobile devices of this solidarity march in favour of people in a position of vulnerability that Sant Joan de Déu organizes every year in Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca. The app allows you to easily keep up to date with the news, route and events of Magic Line 2021, and to know its objectives and the initiatives the fundraising will be destined to.

Wellness Habits

App that guides and accompanies users to improve their physical and emotional well-being in a playful, funny and easy way. Through various eating habits, exercise, rest, and emotions, users, individually or in teams, integrate small routines every day that enable them to earn well, both at work and outside.

Aplicación de Wellness Habits hecha por Basetis

Sport2Live Trainers

Sport2Live is a non-profit organization that, through sport, helps people with addiction problems or mental illness. The app Sport2Live Trainers improves the efficiency of the trainers’ work of this organization, since it allows to enhance the assistance of its users and facilitates the information.