Contact tracing

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Contact tracing


A tool to prevent contagion by covid-19 among the people of your organization guaranteeing their privacy and security.

The problem

Covid-19 raises three health states in a person: not infected, infected without symptoms and infected with symptoms. Exposing an uninfected person to either of the other two cases poses a risk of both contracting the coronavirus and transmitting it to others. Isolation is the best ally to stop the expansion, but the problem arises in the initial stages of the infection or in asymptomatic cases. Without showing symptoms and without being aware, a person who has contracted the virus can transmit it to others.

The solution

The open source technology DP-3T, which stands for Decentralized Proximity Tracking to Preserve Privacy, allows users to generate and share completely anonymous information about exposure to the virus. Ideally designed to be launched by health authorities, DP3T apps can be used in corporate environments and can include adjustments and new functions, without forgetting the objectives of the open source project.

It is voluntary.

Anyone can decide whether to use it or not.

Mutual responsibility.

The more mobile devices are incorporated, the more people will be protected.


The information is updated at all times, to be able to protect yourself as soon as possible.

Guaranteed privacy.

The collection, analysis and transfer of data is secure and completely anonymous.

How it works

Mobile devices with this functionality emit random messages every few minutes. The mobiles of two people together exchange these codes with each other and store them.

If one of these people tests positive for covid-19, they communicate it via mobile app. The mobiles that have exchanged messages with it in the last 14 days detect the number of shared messages anonymously associated with a positive case of covid-19. The more messages they have shared, the greater the exposure time and, therefore, the risk, so the app notifies this risk and recommends this person to go to preventive quarantine.

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