We implement customized developments and find solutions for all types of mobile app from an Agile approach and through innovative technologies.

Mobile consultancy

We offer consulting and implementation services for mobile applications. We have extensive experience in both native (Android, iOS) and hybrid (web and native) solutions, and in the account management of the main stores.

Flutter apps

Flutter is Google’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to create iOS and Android apps using a single code base. In Basetis we are committed to this technology and have a team of people specialized in it.

Mobile QA

We ensure the quality of any app, from the beginning and throughout the entire process. We review the initial requirements and design, we generate tests and use cases, until we reach the final application tests. 

Continuous integration

We configure Continuous Integration Servers for all apps. It represents a guarantee of quality and stability for the application, in addition to a significant saving of hours of version generation.

Wearables & IoT

We establish communication between apps and external devices, such as the increasingly common smartwatch or devices in our homes and other facilities that make our lives easier and more automatic.

Design thinking

We help generate and develop ideas using the Design Thinking method. We advise and accompany our clients along the way to find the best solution, shape their approach and create the app they need.

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