Seat assignment

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Seat assignment and itineraries


A system based on artificial intelligence for the assignment and sale of seats according to the size of the auditorium, capacity, public, current safety distances and other variables.

The problem

Compliance with the safety distances required by covid-19 implies the redistribution of locations and a reduction in capacity at events and auditoriums. This results in a decrease in the economic performance of cultural, sports or any other kind of activities that require the gathering of a large number of people.

The solution

Our Artificial Intelligence team has developed an algorithm that determines the maximum number of seats that can be sold, respecting the sanitary restrictions for each of the phases of this pandemic. In other words, we optimize ticket sales by contemplating and exploring all the possibilities. Find the balance between maximizing sales and reducing risk. Get as many people as possible to enjoy the event.

How it works

Without losing sight of the sanitary restrictions, to find the optimal distribution, we study the possibilities of the enclosure and the different variants of people, such as families, risk groups or specific permits that allow us to skip the distance. Based on this information, our algorithm suggests a possible assignment and itinerary for each person. A safe, equitable and unique audience distribution for each event.

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