Barcelona + Sustainable Network

Since 2017, Basetis has been a signatory to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability.

In this way, it is committed to taking actions that contribute to the fact that Barcelona and its area of influence are moving forward on the road to sustainability. A sustainability that is not only environmental, but also social and economic.

The signatories of the Commitment are represented in the Barcelona +Sustainable Map. Companies, schools, institutions and other entities are placed on an interactive map of the city through icons indicating the type of contribution to achieve a more sustainable Barcelona.

In the case of Basetis, we are listed as a Responsible Company. Although it is true that we have a long way to go in terms of environmental responsibility, the Map managers decided to give us this icon because of our culture based on our workers, Basetis’ measures to improve people’s quality of life, and the social initiatives to which we contribute as individuals and as a company, with donations, sponsorships and the development of technology.