Socially responsible company

Thanks to the social and ethical character of Basetis and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, we compute in the three types of expertise: economic, environmental or social.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Observatory classifies the organizations in its database according to the services they offer, the size of the company or the sector to which they belong. It also divides companies according to their type of expertise: economic, environmental or social.

Thanks to the social and ethical character of Basetis and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, we count in the three types of experience for our work:

Economic area

  1. We give preference to local entities, proximity businesses, cooperatives and associations with values related to our culture for the supply of our facilities, which have responsible, sustainable and proximity criteria.
  2. We have an organizational model based on the three principles of the teal paradigm: self-management, completeness and evolutionary purpose. In addition, we align ourselves with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 10 (Reducing Inequalities) and 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

Environmental area

  1. In 2017, we signed the Citizen Commitment for Sustainable Development promoted by the Barcelona City Council, with an annual commitment to undertake actions that allow us to work in a more responsible and respectful way with the environment.
  2. We implement actions such as waste separation, internal awareness campaigns, the use of biodegradable coffee capsules, the use of recycled paper, the production of recycled promotional material, as well as an automatic light switch-off system in the La Pedrera office. We also prioritized digital documentation and ceramic cups and glass bottles to reduce the use of disposable items.
  3. Likewise, we have created the Recicletis team to promote the proper use of energy and the management of office waste recycling.
  4. We promote information and awareness among colleagues through signage in the offices, talks, and the projection of audiovisual material to promote sustainable habits and actions on a daily basis, both at work and at home.
  5. We have designed an app, Ecolocal Market, for the sale of organic and local products.

Labour and social area

  1. We carry out actions to promote women’s leadership in projects and in the ICT sector.
  2. We have a flexible schedule when entering and leaving. Furthermore, we also offer the possibility of reduced working hours, unpaid leave or leave of absence and telecommuting.
  3. We collaborate with Third Sector entities and inclusive suppliers such as Gráficas Icaria for the elaboration of printed material or Trinijove for the selective collection of waste. We also help other entities through donations, sponsorships and pro bono services, all of them at the initiative of the people who make up Basetis.
  4. Furthermore, we also collaborate with third sector entities (such as CCAR, ACAPPS, Factoría F5 and Fundación Formación y Trabajo) to incorporate refugees at risk of social and/or labour exclusion into the team.
  5. In the “causes that move us” section, we extend Basetis’ social commitment to the people who make up the company. The initiative of staff members has also pushed us to subsidize projects and make individual donations. In 2019, we raised €8,500, approximately. Highlights: Collection for the Food Bank, Purchase Stars for the Pequeños Valientes entity for children’s oncology, Soñar Despierto playing the role of the Three Wise Men, among others.