Base Technology & Information Services



Social commitment


In BaseTIS we believe that, as members of the society, we should have a social and ethical responsibility in all the areas we take part. We seek the walfare and health of people, as well as the respect and care of the environment.

Some initiatives we carry out and think that go in that direction are:

  • Having water, coffee and fresh fruit in BaseTIS' office, seeking the walfare and health of our team.
  • Facilitating telecommuting in order to allow a better balance between family life and work, as well as to avoid innecessary journeys and contribute to the improvement of the environment.
  • Contribute to real economy projects, in social, cultural and environmental sectors collaborating with the ethical bank entity Triodos Bank.
  • We value and appreciate the work of the social entities and have decided to collaborate, making donations of capital as well as joint projects providing our technical knowledge. The last contribution is an APP for Arrels Foundation that allows to assist the work of the organization.