Success case

Christmas greetings with
carrier pigeons

The challenge

The charcuterie brand Espuña set us the exciting challenge of coming up with a unique Christmas campaign, without reindeer, little trees, elves, snow…

A surprising action, free of Christmas clichés, and at the same time emotional!

The solution

Combining experiential and digital marketing in a Christmas campaign that travels to the past to surprise in the present.

A stand located in the Les Glòries shopping center in Barcelona invited you to send a congratulatory tweet to your loved ones, but the way it was done before Twitter existed: by carrier pigeon.

Results provided

In addition to multiplying the brand’s notoriety:

  • #MomentosEspuña was a national Trending Topic.
  • Presence of the campaign in the mass media: TV, press…
  • Thousands of participants

Campaign video