Success case

Data warehouse

Consolidation and Integration

The challenge

A leading company in the national chemical sector (paints), has key decision-making information distributed in different systems and platforms, such as sales data, customer data, manufacturing processes, etc.

The objectives

Provide IT management with tools to ensure the quality and integrity of the information in the Datawarehouse (DWH). In this way, overall decision-making is improved.

Services performed

  • Inclusion of parallelism and optimisation of ETLs
  • DWH review, consolidation and stabilisation
  • BI: Microstrategy/Power BI (review and improvement of reports and dashboards)
  • DB: SQL Server/Oracle/IBM DB2
  • ERP/Systems: AS/400, Windows Server/Infor M3

Results provided

Process orchestrator: speed boost of more than 400%. Improvement of daily DWH load from 16 h to 3.5 h.

Data Quality Assurance (DQA) between source system and DWH, ensuring full data integrity

Automatic balancing and validation between systems, generating warnings to system owners. New reports and dashboards.

Data governance.

Before: doubts → Now: credibility and absolute control. Business unit trusts 100% on DWH and BI tools.