Success case

Development and maintenance

of a web application for the

management of medical product prescriptions

The challenge

Rock Teeth, a dental prosthetics laboratory that collaborates with major dental clinics across Spain, requires a platform to unify and digitize the process of dental prosthesis prescriptions (requests and quotes) throughout the entire business chain, from the clinics to the laboratory.


The development of a custom application to digitize and streamline the process of dental prosthesis prescriptions is carried out.

Subsequently, a maintenance service is provided to ensure the platform’s stability and continuous improvement, adapting it to the client’s evolving needs (new digital prescription systems, integration with other company platforms, etc.).

How have we done it?

  • Java SpringBoot
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Client’s platform integration

Results provided

– Digitalization and automation of the prescription process.

– Integration of the prescription flow with the corporate platform Magic.

– Continuous evolution to meet the evolving needs of dental clinics.

– Continuous improvement, proactive actions, and updates to error detection processes.

– Faster resolution of incidents.

– Integrated data analysis through dashboards.