Success case

GO&FUN Fellowship

The challenge

To make a brand known among the young public is not easy at all, and even less so if it comes from a sector as over saturated as the energy drinks sector.

The GO&FUN brand not only set us this challenge, but also to achieve it in a campaign lasting only 2 days.

Let’s go for it!

The solution

We devised a specific campaign at the university in which the product literally chased potential customers.

An animated sampling invited students to go to the GO&FUN stand to try the drink for free and post a photo with it on social media to enter the draw for a €2,500 scholarship.

Results provided

In addition to multiplying brand awareness:

  • More than a thousand new likes on the first day of the campaign.
  • Hundreds of participants
  • Incalculable number of live shares.

Campaign video