Success case

#HappyEscaleras Happy Day

The challenge

Rauch’s Happy Day juice brand needed to present itself nationally, multiply its visibility in a few weeks, and position itself as a cheerful brand that seeks to make people’s lives happier.

How to convey this message to thousands of people with a single communication campaign?

The solution

Launching an experiential sampling campaign with dissemination on social networks in one of the busiest metro stations in Barcelona.

With #HappyEscaleras (#HappyStairs) we transformed a boring, everyday object, and a well known friend to knee osteoarthritis, into a fun slide with free juices on the way down, and downloadable photo finish for new fans on Facebook!

Results provided

In addition to multiplying the brand’s notoriety:

  • 100,000 views on YouTube
  • + 50% of new followers on Facebook
  • + 1,000 tobogganing descents

Campaign video