Success case

IT Outsourcing at

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

The challenge

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera manages the La Pedrera building, as well as hotels such as Món Sant Benet and different premises throughout Catalonia. But it does not have an IT department for its computer management.


We have proposed a service that we have started to implement, which covers practically 100% of their IT services, from user support, security, communications, as well as strategic IT vision, with a person who transparently sets criteria for IT activities in the Foundation.

They already had another company doing this role, but they were not happy and wanted a change.

How have we done it?

  • User Support
  • Servers
  • Communications
  • Security
  • CIO as a Service

The result

  • Efficiency in resolving incidents and maintenance tasks.
  • Increased customer and end-user satisfaction.
  • Continuous knowledge transfer.
  • Matching between organizations.