Success case

La Mercè App 2021&2022

The challenge

Faced with the need of the Barcelona City Council to face the Mercè festivities in a pandemic context, they decided to redo the mobile applications, adding new functionalities and an updated design.

In 2021, we published an adapted version and in 2022 we have evolved it by adding better visuals and extra functionalities, such as personalizing the user experience with an activity recommender according to their tastes.

Without internet connection, the application allows the consultation of events and filtering by: day, space, theme, etc. As well as the management and booking of tickets for the main events.


To offer citizens a useful and high quality application.

To show all the information about the festival in a quick and intuitive way.

To ensure the proper functioning at times when the internet connection is poor or non-existent.

To inform the user in real time of changes in programming.

How have we done it?

  • Offline-first application
  • Flutter 2
  • BLoC Architecture with Reactivity

Results provided

The user experience has improved a lot and provides a good code base for the next editions.

2021 had more than 24,000 downloads in 5 days – we hope to increase downloads for the 2022 edition!

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