Success case

Medical Survey Management Platform

The challenge

In order to make better decisions and improve efficiency, a world-leading company in utilizing data, technology, and analytics for healthcare purposes wants to optimize and digitize the process of managing medical surveys related to different pathologies.


Develop a multi-platform application to digitize and streamline the process of answering medical surveys and analyzing the results. Also, to carry out a more meticulous monitoring of the questionnaire iterations through reminders to the patient. In addition, the solution must be customizable for multiple pathologies and hospital centers.

It is also necessary to ensure stability and continuous improvement of the platform, through dedicated maintenance, which allows it to be adapted to the needs of a constantly changing sector.

How have we done it?

  • Angular
  • Java Spring boot
  • PostgreSQL
  • User synchronization with client’s ERP

Results provided

  • Increased capacity for result analysis.
  • Improved usability and ease of answering surveys.
  • Increased user adherence and greater control of responses.
  • Scheduling and automation of reminders.