Success case

Mobile World Congress App

The challenge

Mobile World Congress Barcelona is an annual trade show, with over 1500 exhibitors dedicated primarily to the mobile communications industry. It is held in Barcelona and tens of thousands of visitors attend and participate in conferences, activities, and do networking interactions.

Basetis has developed this application in collaboration with Fira de Barcelona.


Facilitate the visitor’s stay at the congress with an app with the following functionalities:

– Inform about the schedule of the different events held within the congress

– Show the map of the exhibition and the location of exhibitors

– Manage the visitor’s access control

– Facilitate networking (schedule meetings, virtual meetings, chat…)

– View online sessions

And all this while guaranteeing good stability and scalability, given the large number of visitors.

Help the user discover and select content of the congress. To do that, the solution organizes the information provided in the app highlighting the most interesting sessions, exhibitors, speakers, and other attendees according to the use’s preferences and behaviour. If the user changes its preferences, the recommended content adapts in real-time to new ones.

Services performed

  • Native development (iOS and Android)
  • Objective-C, Java (Legacy)
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Notification campaigns by targets
  • Content and speaker recommendation engine
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • UX
  • AWS lambda
  • Elasticsearch
  • Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) for accurate results.
  • Niche Relevance to enhance the attendee experience, discovering relevant companies, conferences, and people for each sector.
  • Personalized recommendations results based on the user’s behaviour and profile.
  • Real Time results and Dynamic Updates to boost the attendee experience during the event.

Results provided

The application has been developed based on an existing application (Legacy), improving it in terms of performance, UX, and scalability; and meeting all objectives.

Recommendations provide a better attendee experience and improve revenues through upselling of passtypes. Furthermore, the link between the company sectors and the attendee’s preferences according to our algorithm are analysed.

The results of this analysis helps GSMA to understand the real interests of the attendees and plan a better congress for the next year.

It is expected that 65,000 people will use the application by the 2022 edition.

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