Success case

Narita Boy

The challenge

Studio Koba is an independent studio that wants to create and publish its first video game, in collaboration with Basetis.

Narita Boy is the name of the work, set in a retro-futuristic world, with 2D pixel-art aesthetics and award-winning Synthwave music.

It tells the adventure of a boy absorbed by a digital world in which an evil entity has erased the creator’s memory. In his adventure, Narita Boy will have to help the creator regain his memory.


To help complete the work to make it known worldwide, participating in both creative and technical aspects, ensuring its completion in the time agreed with the publisher and covering the creative needs of the studio.

How have we done it?

  • By applying our expertise in project management and development.
  • Managing the scope.
  • Creating support tools to speed up development.
  • Providing creative and technical ideas.
  • Generating trust and a good atmosphere.

Results provided

Studio Koba has released the video game, on the expected date, on 8 platforms (Steam, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PlayStation, Windows, Mac, XCloud, Amazon Luna) with thousands of downloads and in 10 languages.

3 arcade machines have been created in 3 museums around the world.

Narita Boy has been well received by critics, has won several awards, has been featured in GTM, Manual and Famitsu magazines and has sold thousands of copies worldwide.