Success case

Volava: Online fitness classes

The challenge

Volava is a startup that wants to develop a product that allows cycling, treadmill, and fitness classes in general, to be done 100% online and live. It is aimed at the average citizen, not a professional athlete, who has little time, and who wants to keep fit for health and wellbeing.

The App connects to the device via Bluetooth and displays all the user’s data, gives advice, allows you to consult the history, etc.


Volava aims for the next few years to be the new “Peloton” (a reference company in the USA) in Spain, the benchmark for online fitness.

To achieve this, challenges in the areas of usability/UX, connectivity and artificial intelligence (movement recognition and tips) have to be solved.

Services performed

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Motion recognition
  • UX/UI
  • Gamifications
  • Bluetooth
  • Native Android/iOS

Results provided

The product, developed by Basetis and Volava, is the “core” of the client’s business, with more than 2000 subscriptions and 80% renewal.

With such promising results, Volava continues to receive million-dollar rounds of funding, and is already valued at around €30m.

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