Success case

A cutting-edge Cognitive

Analytics Platform for

Next-Generation Healthcare Insights

The challenge

For a pharmaceutical company, it is key to monitor different sources, analysing trends and relationships between them in order to streamline business decision-making.


The aim is to create a platform that, by integrating information from multiple data sources, is able to facilitate strategic business decision-making by a pharmaceutical company. The platform should be able to answer questions such as the following:

– What is the current status of a certain disease?
– What strategies or activities are competitors implementing?
– Who are or could be the opinion leaders associated with a specific medicine?
– Which treatments are currently receiving the most attention in the exploration of a specific disease?

How have we done it?

  • Time series anàlisis
  • Twitter Accounts classification
  • Keywoord/Topic extraction
  • Name entity matching
  • Graph Data science
  • Network analysis
  • Author and Organization Name Disambiguation
  • Expert-twitter account matching
  • Relevant Ranking

Results provided

The platform offers the possibility of anticipating trends in certain medical topics of interest, facilitating faster and more informed decision-making.

Its main advantages lie in its ability to detect and relate people, organisations, and publications to these topics, generating a powerful interconnected network of information. This allows us to move from information overload to a new efficient way of filtering and interpreting information, measuring and understanding its impact and success.