Success case

AM Managers for Naturgy Informática

The challenge

Naturgy Informática, The Naturgy Group’s IT supplier, needed to centralise the professional services provided by different suppliers in a single service called AM Managers.

They would carry out IT supplier control and support tasks through this service. This posed three main challenges: providing quality information, having standardised indicators and establishing an efficient management model.

The solution

Basetis adopted the ITIL framework to implement the most suitable strategy, which took various aspects into account.

We defined a service catalogue with the client. We created a mixed team that made it possible to define, standardise, execute and automate procedures. We implemented a periodic reporting system for IT suppliers’ operational indicators. And we established mechanisms for ongoing improvement of the service.


Results and products

  • An expanded service catalogue that is constantly evolving.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Improved decision-making by the organisation.
  • Improvement in IT management tools.
  • Master data centralisation (CMDB).
  • Continuous reporting accessible to the entire organisation.
  • Less information dependence for Naturgy’s IT suppliers.
  • Control and Review of the SLAs of Naturgy’s IT suppliers.
  • Quality audits of the services provided by Naturgy’s IT suppliers.
  • Use of APIs to interact with the client’s tools.

17 daily reports

issued before 8am.

2.000 tickets

audited each day.

An average of 15 people

working on the service.

What was most valued?

Achieving a more efficient service to replace repeated tasks with automated tasks.

Technologies used

  • Python (Dash, PlotLy, Luigi, Selenium, Pandas, Pylint)
  • HTML
  • Postgres
  • PowerBi
  • Periscope Data
  • Jenkins, SonarQube
  • APIs

Services performed

  • IT supplier agreement supervision
  • Auditing and data quality
  • Data monitoring
  • Scorecards
  • Service catalogue and SLAs
  • Web and App UX/UI
  • Testing and optimisation