Success case

Analysis and optimisation

of Industry 4.0 processes

for digital transformation

The challenge

Terrer Industria Gráfica is a package manufacturing company, mainly dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector.

The main challenge of the project is to address an Industry 4.0 digital transformation, which involves: carrying out the analysis and optimisation of business processes; improving communication; and, defining a digital transformation plan aligned with its short, medium and long-term strategies (HR, logistics, purchasing, invoicing, production, etc.).

The objectives

The main goal is to minimise structural costs and increase sales thanks to the definition and implementation of an Industry 4.0 roadmap of actions and new projects.

Services performed

The main steps taken are:

  1. Analysis and redefinition of the communication channels between the relevant parties.
  2. Identify pain points which could lead to a successful action plan
  3. Implementation of a multitude of techniques including Ishikawa, CAME-DAFO, Canvas, brainstorming, competition analysis, foresight, future model, project sheets with ROI…
  4. As an official ACCIO Industry 4.0 advisor allowed us to correctly apply the necessary techniques.

Results provided

Our SME approach allows us to:

  1. Disseminate the approach and the results obtained within the organisation in order to align all different stakeholders to this new business approach.
  2. Enable the understanding of digitalisation challenges.
  3. Through this diagnosis, Terrer Industria Gráfica was able to have a greater awareness of its needs and address the relevant optimisation and improvements.