Success case

Efficient management
of fuel distribution and
billing through a mobile app

The challenge

The client is a company focused on providing automation solutions for the industrial and energy sectors. One of their solutions is aimed at fuel distribution to gas stations through a fleet of tanker trucks.

Currently, the amount of fuel distributed to each gas station is calculated using an obsolete component.


Improve the efficiency of the gasoline distribution process through an app for operators that allows:

  • Automatic generation of delivery notes and invoices.
  • Communication of the device with fuel meters.
  • Direct communication with the Tax Agency.

How have we done it?

  • Integration with hardware via Bluetooth
  • Android
  • Kotlin.

Results provided

The new product has allowed:

  • Improve the accuracy of the measurement of distributed fuel, as well as the amount of information received, by integrating the app with fuel meters.
  • Management of fuel sales and any applicable discounts.
  • Make the process of converting new customers more efficient through the registration of new clients, acceptance of GDPR, and their signature.
  • Facilitate the international deployment of the app by calculating taxes according to the legislation of the country where the fuel is sold.
  • Facilitate the use of the app across different companies, thanks to multi-company development.
  • User license management.
  • Combat obsolescence through the migration of .Net/Windows Phone code to Kotlin/Android.