Success case

European Parliament

elections 2019

The challenge

The European Parliament is in charge of organizing its elections every four years, for which, among others, a call for tenders is opened for the development of a real-time election results website.

This website is the official reference for results before, during and after election night. The site also displays data that can be integrated by any media or other interested actors.

The objectives

The objectives were mainly:

  1. To develop a website that could not be manipulated in terms of security.
  2. To make it capable of handling potential access of 300 million users.
  3. To make it much more dynamic and richer than the previous elections.
  4. Offer many resources (data, images, widgets, etc.) that can be integrated by third parties.
  5. Take advantage of official social networks to distribute information in real time.
  6. To have a back-office that would allow choosing what to publish at any given moment, and to choose the components of the homepage.

Services performed

  • High availability web (>99%)
  • Integration with social networks
  • High-performance generator
  • Data selection back-office
  • Angular + Java

Results provided

We built an engine capable of generating, in 7 minutes, a static website with 100,000 pages and resources, for each new set of updated results (every 30 minutes approx.) during the election night.

All the pages of the website were designed and implemented in 3 different modes (before, during and after the elections), and data files, images and widgets were implemented that were consumed in real time from audiovisual media from all over the world and also from the live set of the Parliament.

The website had no security problems and could withstand many simultaneous users.