Success case

of cloud architecture
for web services

The challenge

ClearChannel, a company that manages bike sharing services in several European cities, implemented the service’s website and API in Malmö (Sweden) on several AWS cloud servers. 

The company wanted to make the most of the possibilities of AWS services to improve this architecture, adding capacity for autoscaling and recovery, deployment simplification and automation, and database reliability. 

This posed a double challenge: making this improvement without significantly increasing the cost of AWS resources and migrating the service to the new architecture in the most transparent way for the user and with minimal interruption: less than 2 hours at the lowest-use time period.

The solution

Basetis used several strategies to achieve the objective. One was to adjust the size of the machines on the cloud with autoscaling policies so as not to pay for more resources than necessary and save costs.

Another strategy made it possible to automate deployment. The container paradigm was used for this, generating images of code that ran automatically when a new instance is created.

The new architecture has been implemented in three European cities (Malmö, Drammen and Antwerp) and there are plans to replicate the migration in as many others in the near future.

8 people from Basetis

worked on the project.

Less than 2 hours

per city to migrate the production environment.

Less than 5 minutes

for automatic recovery after website outage.

What was most innovative?

  • New paradigms for code deployment.
  • Automatic management of dynamic architecture without fixed resources.

What was most valued?

  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Availability to resolve incidents

Technologies used

  • Amazon Web Services:
    • Elastic Compute Cloud
    • Relational Database Service
    • Route53
    • CloudWatch
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • Simple Storage Service
    • Elastic Load Balancer
    • Security Groups
    • Elastic Container Service
  • Docker
  • Scripting

Services performed

  • Auto-scalable cloud solutions
  • On-premise or in-cloud infrastructure implementation and consulting
  • Technical migration
  • Systems administration