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Success case

Integrated data engineering

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The challenge

The company is focused on offering transparency and 100% green electricity. In recent years, the company has experienced very rapid growth and, as a consequence, the technological solutions that support its activity have suffered considerable stress due to the increase in operation activities.

On the other hand, the company wants to drive its decision-making process towards a data-centric model, based on machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics and visualisation of large volumes of information.

The objectives

Assist the company transition towards a data-centric model where data plays a relevant role and business decisions are strongly supported by data.

Services performed

Basetis data engineering team has been in charge of the company’s main data processes optimization and refactoring, adapting them to current and future needs.

Open-source tools such as Python or Airflow have been used, a 100% cloud-based architecture. We have also begun to introduce policies of good Data Quality and Data Governance, designing the company’s future Data Lake.

Results provided

By improving data quality and process performance, we have been able to attract more customers, providing better predictions for energy market purchases, improving customer-profile knowledge and offering better products or services.