Success case

Low Emission Zone (LEZ) control system

The challenge

A global benchmark company in the construction and development of infrastructure has an urban mobility management platform. From Basetis we have collaborated with them to evolve the Telesto module within this platform, this module manages the vehicular accesses within the cities.


Development of vehicle access control software for low emission zones – ZBE, protected areas of interest and other restricted access areas. The system connects with the Zone cameras to be able to identify traffic detections, going on to evaluate and manage possible infractions of the established regulations.

How have we done it?

An architecture has been designed that allows the client to deploy a driver for connection to the traffic control cameras, enriching the information to transfer it to the client service where the information is processed according to the defined rules and parametrisations. The system has been developed in Java and Angular, applying SOLID principles of object-oriented programming.

To maintain the security of the information, the connections between the different blocks (cameras-driver-Telesto) are encrypted and follow security protocols.

Results provided

The client’s business is the sale of its integral system for the intelligent management of traffic and mobility in cloud technology, and we have collaborated with them in the construction of the module in charge of access control to the cities.