Success case

Pharma Chatbot: algorithm-guided conversation

The challenge

It is a platform for scientific content and online events developed for a multi-billion-dollar Pharmaceutical company. It is a complex platform aimed at users with a low technological literacy (internal users and healthcare professionals).

It was detected that a support tool was necessary to guide and accompany the user while using the platform.

The objectives

The aim is to improve the user experience while using the platform. The chatbot will make the user “feel accompanied” and accelerate information discovery.

Services performed

  • Word2Vec
  • Embeddings
  • NLI model
  • Fuzzy string matching
  • Pre-trained models
  • Sequence classification
  • NLP

Results provided

The developed tool is visually intuitive and interactive, and allows customers to navigate and request information on the platform, as well as report adverse medical events to the pharmaceutical company and request medical information at a European level.