Success case

Process analysis and

human resources tools

The challenge

Air Liquide Healthcare provides services for industry and healthcare. It is currently giving a boost on the services offered to its employees by creating an employee portal, as most of them are teleworking.

The company has doubts whether the current payroll tool is optimal for Air Liquide (SERESCO’s MILENA, which also outsources the payroll).

The objectives

The objective is to provide an evolution plan for the current human resources (HR) tools and processes, identifying the main limitation points and opportunities for improvement.

Besides, another sensitive point is to evaluate whether to continue with the current tools or to move to new ones to support the future roadmap. Benchmark of full-scope HR tools (payroll, knowledge management, holidays and absences, performance evaluation, etc.).

Services performed

  • Review of HR processes
  • Benchmark market solutions vs. current solution evolution
  • Methodology (AS IS – TO BE – GAP)
  • Decision-making scorecard

Results provided

Cost savings on specific actions to avoid inefficiencies were around 70%.